The 8 Best Kayak Anchors in 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Kayak Anchors

When you’re kayaking, it’s most likely that you’re going to be moving forward all the time. Whether it’s recreational touring around a river or an ocean, looking for a packed spot to fish in, or simply enjoying the scenery as you paddle beside a coastline. However, sometimes you might need …

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How to Store a Kayak in a Garage

How to Store a Kayak in a Garage

Learning how to properly store your kayak is something that no kayaker can keep running from, especially during rainy winter days when you can’t leave it outside.  Because kayaks are too large to store in your bedroom, it only makes sense to keep them in your garage. Are you wondering …

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Vibe Kayaks Review

Vibe Kayak Reviews

Even though Vibe is considered a newcomer to the decades-old paddling party, it has managed to reach the top. Vibe manufacturers know how to balance between aesthetics and functionality. Thus, meeting the requirements of a wide range of customers. Plus, their yaks can be used for paddling and fishing.  One …

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Catch 120 Kayak Review

Catch 120 Kayak Review

Fishing on a kayak allows anglers to get into tight places that boats can’t fit into. Plus, it doesn’t cost much because maintaining yaks is not as costly as fueling and maintaining a boat. Thus, kayak fishing is becoming more and more popular nowadays.  You can save more money when …

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