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“We’re building the ship as we sail it” – the “ship” being the prime resource for guides on purchasing kayaks and kayak accessories, and we’re building it as we sail the water kayaking to provide a full range of reviews, tips, and guides!

Every day, outdoor devotees visit us at Kayak Horizons for expert insights and detailed, up-to-date reviews on all things kayak to have the ultimate kayaking escapades. 

While we’re a remote team of ardent paddlers and kayakers coming from all corners of the world, that’s spot-on what makes our site whole and all-inclusive, catering to every kayaker out there. 

To keep up with the traction and continue providing recommendations on our selection of kayaks and kayak gear, we need driven and passionate people who are just as enthusiastic about kayaking as we are to join our tribe and keep pace with our breakthrough!

Jack Morgan

Jack Morgan, kayak enthusiast & founder

Paddling It Forward..

Hello there! I’m Jack, the founder of the website. When I first started Kayak Horizons a couple of years back, it was my passion project where I simply shared the highlights of my kayak adventures, precisely showcasing the power of accessories and gear to help kayakers get on the water with the right kayaking gear.

In next to no time, countless outdoor devotees were clicking on my guides, following every post, and sharing their own experiences. As a natural progression, I started expanding the squad to today include a team of avid kayakers, well-versed content creators, and enthusiastic researchers.

To keep our ship sailing and continue being the go-to resource for all-things kayaking, our team is growing! And we need the right people who share our passion for the waves.

What We Do:

On a daily basis, we provide kayakers and outdoor enthusiasts with the full scoop on everything they need to get going with their next outdoor trip. Our team continuously sets sails at diverse destinations – from those with calm waters to those with choppy waves, backed by a kayaking gear checklist. 

As you can guess, we’ve searched the world for the best heavy-duty gear, and to be able to do that habitually, we need the support of a range of skills and talents in our team.

  • Detailed Guides – We want everyone to experience the liberty of kayaking and quell anxiety. Whether kayaking is currently in your dreams pipeline or you’ve already kicked off in the waters, our comprehensive guides on everything related to kayaks are well-suited for novice kayakers to experienced ones.
  • Credible Reviews – The products we review have all been put to the test. We spend time making contact with the water more than we do at home, so we’ve pretty much seen it all, from anchors to PFDs, so our readers get nothing short of first-hand reviews.

What You Get by Working With Us:

Remote Work

No location constraints, no working hours! Work from virtually anywhere (even if that’s in the middle of the sea), at any time you want.

Get Paid for What You’re Passionate About

What’s better than making a living out of something you love doing? Be that kayaking, writing, or researching; we’ll pay you to do it!

Reach a Huge Community of Kayakers and Outdoor Lovers

Your work will instantly reach a large target audience of outdoor enthusiasts and devotees looking to make better investments for the sake of epic kayaking trips.

Job Openings:

  • Product Researchers
  • Product Review Writers
  • Content Marketers

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