Catch 120 kayak review | Kayak Horizons

Catch 120 kayak review | Kayak Horizons
Catch 120 Kayak

Fishing on a kayak allows anglers to get into tight places that boats can’t fit into. Plus, it doesn't cost much because maintaining yaks is not as costly as fueling and maintaining a boat. Thus, kayak fishing is becoming more and more popular nowadays.

You can save more money when you purchase a high-quality kayak with fewer features. This way, you have a basic, durable yak on which you can add features later whenever you need. And this is the case with our incredible Catch 120 kayak.

At a very affordable price, this one-seater yak offers magnificent weight capacity, unbelievably comfortable seats, and other comfort-providing accessories, including rod holders, paddle keepers, and a cup holder.

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At a Glance

Catch 120 is an excellent fishing kayak for freshwater anglers. Its 400-pound weight capacity combined with its comfortable seat and exceptional stability render it one of the best kayaks at its affordable price range. However, if you fish regularly, you might want to invest in a more expensive and more equipped yak, which will save you time and money.


  • High weight capacity
  • Stable
  • Comfortable and adjustable seat
  • Lightweight
  • Doubles as a stand-up kayak


  • Not suitable for saltwater
  • Hard to install fish finders
  • Slow
  • Small storage
  • Can't track in a straight line

Catch 120 Kayak In-depth Review

Catch 120 Kayak

In this review, we won't only walk you through the best features that Catch 120 boasts but discuss possible drawbacks. This way, you can make an informed decision with no future regrets.

1. Durability

Made of a multi-layer polyethylene with advanced resins construction, Catch 120 is considered one of the most durable yaks on the market. Its material helps it be quite rigid and light at the same time, coming at 69 pounds.

2. Stability

This sit-on-top kayak features a tunnel hull design, offering both primary and secondary stability. In other words, it can handle tough water without getting tipped over.

Besides the hull design, this yak is stable thanks to the 34-inch width. In fact, it is so stable to the extent that you can stand on it without falling over thanks to its stand-assist strap.

The ability to stand up is an excellent feature on any fishing kayak because it gives you a better and broader view of the water around you. It also helps you cast for longer distances.

3. Fishing Features

Of course, Catch 120 is excellent for fishing because it doubles as a stand-up kayak. But, another reason why it is fishing-friendly is its 400-pound weight capacity. With this high weight limit, anglers can take as much gear as they need on board.

In addition, it comes with two rod holders where you can secure your rods and enjoy hands-free fishing while drinking something thanks to the cup holder that is directly in front of the seat.

It also comes with two paddle keepers on each side, boosting safety, as it ensures that you won't tip over the paddles and fall in the water.

4. Storage Space

One of the reasons why Catch 120 comes at a decent price point is the modest storage space it offers. Yet, since it is a one-person yak, we believe that the storage area is good enough.

You can store your tools and tackle in the large seal hatch located at the bow. For larger items and equipment, there is a spacious cargo deck with bungee cords behind the seat.

5. Comfort

If you’ll spend an extended period of time on the yak, make sure that it is comfortable enough. With Catch 120, you needn't worry about that. Its spacious seating area is cozy enough that you’ll feel home.

Plus, you can adjust the ergonomically designed seat higher or lower on the deck for maximum visibility or better paddling, respectively. Also, the adjustable footrests slide back and forth with ease, so you can adjust them to whatever position suits you the best.

The icing on the top is the extra space created under your seat when elevated, which you can use for additional gear. I recommend you have a cooler on board whenever you can because it ensures that fish stay fresh and healthy for you to eat.

Besides, the seat is breathable, allowing you to enjoy fishing on hot summer days without getting sweaty.

What’s Included in the Box

Catch 120 kayak comes with two rod holders, two paddle keepers, and a cup holder.

Users’ Reviews on Amazon

Most of the reviews on Amazon ensure that Catch 120 is an excellent kayak for numerous reasons. However, some people have collectively disliked some of its features. We will summarize these reviews for you below.

Lots of people praise Catch 120’s comfortable seats. Actually, no one has criticized them. Also, they have all agreed upon the stability of the yak that a satisfied customer has written that he has been on the water for hundreds of hours without tipping once. What's more, it stays stable even when you stand on it. Thus, you can surely cast better and further without falling over.

On the other hand, due to the lightness of this yak, it easily drifts with the slightest breeze. This means that it is difficult to fish without an anchor. Plus, it is pretty slow.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear now that Catch 120 is an excellent option for anyone looking for an affordable fishing kayak. It‘s especially suitable for beginners, given how basic and non-advanced its features are.

Plus, it is the perfect choice for beginners who still don't know if they love kayak fishing. This way, if they find out that they are in love with the experience, they can upgrade the yak by adding a fish finder, an anchor trolley, or by buying some extra rod holders. If not, no one will cry a river over the money paid. And they can just use it as a recreational kayak for relaxing.

To sum up, Catch 120 combines excellent build quality, high weight capacity, impressive stability, and unbelievable comfort at a very decent price point. It sounds like an optimum choice to me.