Kayaking in Ohio

The charming state of Ohio offers you a chance to have some unforgettable memories, kayaking among its stunning natural surroundings.

This is your chance for a spiritual retreat spiced up with some adventure! The charming state of Ohio offers you a chance to have some unforgettable memories, kayaking among its stunning natural surroundings.

With a wide selection of destinations, choose where you want to go kayaking in Ohio, pleasantly. No worries, if you're a beginner or a professional, you'll definitely find a place for you in Ohio. Let's dive into 9 of the most beautiful sites for kayaking in Ohio!

1. Hocking River

Hocking River Kayak

The Hocking River shoves its way through the Hocking Hills, standing prominently on the sides. Hocking River’s shallow water is your perfect choice if you wish to chill under the sun and have some fun paddling.

With the beautiful greenery all around you, expect the trees to be arching over the river's surface, giving you some shade to rest under while kayaking. Hit this spot if you wish for a relaxing kayaking day free of any exhaustion.

2. Lake Erie

Lake Erie Kayak

Lake Erie extends for about 2,800 miles along the shore of Ohio’s northern end. Wow, that’s a long paddle – did you have your coffee?

Lake Erie is one of the five great lakes in North America, depicting unique wildlife forms. It's a cherished destination for paddlers who prefer long-distance kayaking, so don't miss this one if you're a kayaking enthusiast.

3. Cuyahoga River, Lake Erie Junction

Cuyahoga River, Lake Erie Junction Kayak

This is more of a loud kayaking chance than a relaxing one! No more rural areas; let's be a bit modern and take the Cuyahoga River, cutting its way through Ohio's urban part.  If your friends aren't that much into kayaking, they can just rent a boat and wave to you from afar. Didn't we just hit two birds with one stone?

The Cuyahoga River is diverse, giving you different kayaking opportunities. You can take the route up from Lake Erie’s side, paddling to the river, then reach the downtown area. If the long distance isn’t your cup of tea, then just choose the river’s area and have fun!

4. Ohio River

Ohio River Kayak

You can't just be in Ohio and miss the Ohio River, the most famous kayaking site in Ohio. While many are afraid of the river's water being affected by rain, wind, and different weather conditions, the river actually stands still, causing no harm or risk for the most part of the year.

No, wait! It's an adventurous paddling site full of twists and turns. The Ohio River is jammed with some locks, dams, and large barges. Be ready to do some quick turns and hold a grip of your paddle!

5. Great Miami River

Great Miami River Kayak

The Great Miami River flows for about 150 miles before joining its soulmate, the Ohio River. Is it raining, love, or is that just water splashing from your paddler? Anyway, kayaking in the Great Miami River is mostly for class I and II paddlers.

Beware the tricky areas of the river, filled with crossways, dams, portage, and put-ins. No problem, though; we'd recommend bringing a map to keep you safe, guiding you through to avoid such obstacles!

6. Big and Little Darby Creeks

Big and Little Darby Creeks Kayak

Should I go paddling in a sunny area, or should I follow the forest's natural breeze, delighting my soul?  Big and Little Darby Creeks leave no room for such hesitation. At times, you'll be enjoying the summery feeling coming from the warm sun while you're kayaking, while at others, the scenic view will stun you, compelling you to stop kayaking and marvel at it.

Either way, the smooth kayaking ride will help you relax and boost your mood. The Big and Little Darby Creeks are also crammed with schools of unique fleeting fish like no other. Just look anywhere, and you'll find something to please your eyes while you kayak!

7. Put-in-Bay

Put-in-Bay Kayak

Looking to raise that adrenaline level and satisfy your adventurous self? Put-in-Bay will do the job for you. Kayaking in Ohio must include this site for how marvelous it is. You can either start your paddling journey from the mainland, reaching the village shore, or just take a ferry to the Put-in-Bay and start-off there.

Put-in-Bay waters include a collection of caves and rocks, filling your kayaking experience with excitement and joy. Still, the kayaking site is convenient for all paddlers, including beginners and pros, since the water is calm and welcoming, offering you a chance to enjoy its hidden caves with no risk.

8. Clendening Lake

Clendening Lake Kayak

Who said kayaking is just for adults? If your kids just wish to try out paddling, heading to Clendening Lake is the best choice. The lake’s water is convenient for novice paddlers, opening its arms for a family trip.

Not only that, but wait for the scene of trees in fall, blossoming up in front of your eyes. With a collection of orange and green soothing gradients reflecting on the lake’s surface, don’t forget to snap a family picture to keep the memory.

9. Hinckley Lake

Hinckley Lake Kayak

Do you want to take your kayaking an extra mile and land fish in your kayak? Prepare your fishing rod, kayaking gear, and head to Hinckley Lake. The area encompasses a wide variety of natural scenery, including hills occupied with different wildlife forms.

Hinckley Lake is a place for paddlers of class I and above. Whether you wish to practice your kayaking or you’re more advanced, you can just grab your kayak and set forth. If your time is tight, you may get the chance to see flocks of Buzzards on their return to Ohio.

Who’s Ready to Kayak?

You! Now that you’re acquainted with the best 9 destinations for kayaking in Ohio, what are you waiting for? Sleep tight and start your morning bright and early, kayaking at one of Ohio’s sites. Happy kayaking!