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Gimiton Kayak Marine Scupper Plugs

“Little amounts of water are fine”– you’ve probably heard that before in one of your kayaking sessions. What about being submerged by water and feeling that your kayak is drowning? Not the best feeling, of course.

That’s precisely where kayak scupper plugs come to the rescue, blocking all the water from coming in through your kayak holes! If you’re on the market looking for the best kayak scupper plugs out there, we’ve got you covered!

What Are Kayak Scupper Plugs?

Kayak scupper plugs are designed to be inserted in the scupper holes that exist in your kayak. Some kayaks don't come with those holes, though, making a scupper plug an unnecessary piece for you. Their whole idea is just similar to the drain in your bathtub; you block the drain to keep water in, after which you remove the plug to let all the water out.

The only difference is that this process is reversed with your kayak, as water comes in from the outside. So, you put your scupper plugs to block the water from landing on your kayak. Kayak scupper plugs come in different shapes and materials, varying from rubber to plastic and others. In all cases, they’re used to stop water from coming into your kayak through the holes.

Kayak scupper plugs are convenient because they're super portable; they can be inserted or taken out whenever you need them. This option gives you a chance to choose when you need water in and when you don't.

Don't worry if the hot summer days give you the need for some splashing waters at your feet – just remove the scupper plug and have fun while kayaking! On the other hand, for cold days, scupper plugs are a vital part that you wouldn't want to forget when you go paddling.

The Purpose of Kayak Scupper Plugs

Kayak Scupper Plugs

Scupper plugs are a vital part of your kayak as they keep you safe and prevent any possible damage. In case of having the kayak overly filled with water, it may drown or flip over from the excessive weight. You don't want to risk losing all your kayaking gear in the water, nor hurt yourself.

That's why buying the right scupper plugs from the beginning will be a winning investment for you. A high-quality scupper plug will save you time and money from the hassle of continually searching for new scuppers.

Just like any other part of your kayak, scupper plugs need constant maintenance and change, especially since they can wear out due to regular encounters with water. It’s also essential to bear in mind that scupper holes come in different dimensions according to your kayak hole size. Make sure to have your measurements accurately and buy the right ones.

Now, let’s get to comparing the products!

The 9 Best Kayak Scupper Plugs in the Market

Now that you have an overview of the main factors that set these kayak scupper plugs apart, let’s get into the very details of each.

1. Amarine Made

Amarine Made Kayak Scupper Plugs

The Amarine Made scupper plug comes in different colors, ranging from black to blue, sky blue, red, and green. That way, you can ensure finding a scupper plug matching your kayak’s color. Plus, the quantity of the plugs is convenient enough as they cover all 4 holes of your kayak.

Amarine Made's silicone material makes the scupper plugs extremely lightweight. Yet, that doesn't come at the expense of quality! The scupper plugs are incredibly durable, functional, and completely able to block the water from entering.

As for installation, they have a string inserted, making plugging and unplugging them a more comfortable and effortless task for paddlers without distracting them from kayaking.

With such dimensions, fitting holes ranging from 3.4 to 1.2, you can rest assured that they’ll be compatible with your kayak.


  • Durable material
  • Fits different sizes
  • Multiple color options
  • Compatible with major brands


  • String wears out quickly
  • String hole can sometimes leak water

Bottom Line

If you have a kayak with a unique color, finding one that matches it without compromising the quality won’t be hard with Amarine Made scupper plugs. And the cherry on top? You won’t have to compromise quality!

2. Harmony Gear

Harmony Gear scupper plugs are shaped into a small round vessel with a tip to insert a string in and use it for pulling the plug out, ensuring that they can never go wrong fitting in your kayak with its material. Though made of hard rubber, the hollow inner part allows a bit of squishing, making them more convenient for getting in your kayak hole.

The tip of the Harmony Gear plug can be used alone to pull the plug out, too. Yet, it’s recommended to add a string to make sure the little part doesn’t shatter while trying to pull it out harshly.

Harmony Gear scupper plugs are the best option for someone with wilderness systems kayaks and Tarpon models, as the plug has been deemed to fit perfectly with those types, in particular. The scuppers come in a package of 4 grey plugs.


  • Durable material
  • Fewer chances of error fitting your kayak hole


  • The small lip can tear
  • Relatively expensive

Bottom Line

If you own a wilderness system kayak or a Tarpon model one, don't think twice before purchasing the Harmony Gear scupper plugs. They go very well with those types, and the chances of them not fitting your kayak are extremely low.

3. Gimiton Kayak Marine

Gimiton Kayak Marine

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Gimiton Marine’s black scupper plugs are sold in packages of 4, 6, and 8 plugs at a very reasonable price. So, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, you’ve found it!

These scupper plugs are made of hard rubber that seals the holes very well, and even the smallest drizzles can't come in, as the plugs leave no little spaces unblocked. Gimiton Marine plugs mainly go well with medium-sized holes as their dimensions don't fit very small or large ones.

These plugs' shape is of a tiered design with three levels of the same diameter for better inserting. The plugs have a handle on top to help with the process of pushing them in and out; yet, we could say their shape and material make them hard to insert.


  • High-quality material
  • An efficient design
  • Fit ocean kayaks


  • Sold in only one color
  • Relatively hard to insert

Bottom Line

If you’ve tried many scupper plugs before and they still leaked some water to your kayak, don’t be afraid when it comes to Gimiton Marine. Their hard material will solve that for you!

4. Pelican

Compressible ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) makes the Pelican scupper plugs perfect for smaller kayak holes. The material of the plugs block water completely; yet, the plugs manage to shrink a bit in size as the material is soft and mushy, tailoring itself to your kayak’s hole.

Pelican scupper plugs come in a cylinder-like shape, making them easily inserted in and out of the kayak holes. They even have a tight cord on top, aiding you at pulling and pushing them in the holes. They come in a package of 4.


  • Fits major brands
  • Perfect with Pelican Bandits


  • Water can change the shape of the plug

Bottom Line

Did you buy many scupper plugs and found them too big for your scupper hole? Try out Pelican ones as their material fits various dimensions thanks to how elastic they are.

5. H2O Kayaks

H2O Quality Kayak scupper plugs come in a different shape than the standard plugs. They’re made of molded nylon and attached to a screw-like end that goes into the kayak hole by twisting. The nylon end has a handle-like shape to help you hold firmly to the plug while twisting it in.

The H2O Quality scupper plugs encompass two layers above the screw. The first one is the black nylon outer piece with the handle, while the other is a washer-like blue piece that blocks any water from coming in.

These scupper plugs have been designed to fit into sit-on-top and touring kayaks, as their dimensions are convenient to be intact in their holes. Still, if a kayak has a hole diameter of 3.4-inches, H2O Quality kayak scupper plugs will certainly fit.


  • Hard material
  • Effective design


  • Pack of 2 only

Bottom Line

If your kayak is a sit-on-top or a touring one, don’t think twice before buying the H2O Quality scupper plug. It’s effective, durable, and easy to both install and use.

6. Seattle Sports

Seattle Sports

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The Seattle Sports kayak scupper plugs come in a pack of two tiered-like plugs. They're made of hard silicon, preventing water from coming into your kayak after inserting them. Each plug has a ring-like handle on top to help grab it well or insert a robe in it for easier handling.

The scupper hole is neon-colored, illuminating in the dark. It’s perfect for paddlers who love kayaking at night as the plug will be easily found without causing any risk to paddlers. The heavy-duty molded silicon of the Seattle Sports plug is convenient with most kayak holes’ dimensions.


  • Glows in the dark
  • High-quality silicon


  • Not a universal fit

Bottom Line

The tiered design and illuminating in the dark of the Seattle Sports are two of the best options one can find in a kayak scupper plug. So, if you're sure that the dimensions will fit your kayak hole, purchasing the item will be of great benefit to you.

7. Essential Marine

Essential Marine Kayak Scupper Plugs

Essential Marine’s universal scupper plugs are made of durable rubber, making them an efficient fit to many kayak holes. The scupper plugs come in a cone, sleek shape with a rope tied to their top for a hassle-free experience when plugging in and out. Their design makes inserting them in the hole a super smooth process!

These universal plugs are sold in a pack of 4 in 3 different colors (blue, red, and bright green). They’re also compatible with various major brands like Native, Perception, Feelfree, Wilderness Systems Kayaks, and others.


  • Solid material
  • No leaking
  • Fit most kayaks


  • String washes out easily

Bottom Line

Essential Marine’s universal scupper plugs are among the best products for keeping all the water out in your kayak. Their hard material lasts long, needing no regular maintenance or change, which makes them economical.

8. Ocean Kayak

Ocean Kayak scupper plugs cover a wide range of kayak holes with their diverse dimensions. The scupper plugs come in sizes of XS, S, M, and L, including almost all the sizes of holes a kayak can come with. They also come in various colors according to size, such as red, blue, and green.

The XS ones are used with holes of diameter 1 to 1.25 inches, while the S is for 1.25 to 1.5-inches. Moving on to the M and L ones, they fit holes with 1.5 to 1.75 inches and 1.75 to 2 inches, respectively.

The Ocean Kayak scupper plugs follow a tiered design made of firm rubber. Both the design and material are great when sealing the holes and blocking the water from coming into the kayak.

It’s important to note that the Ocean Kayak scupper plugs only fit into round holes and can’t be used with oval-shaped ones.


  • Size variations
  • Efficient material
  • Color variations
  • Convenient design


  • Don’t fit all hole shapes

Bottom Line

If you’re struggling to find scupper plugs that match the size of your round hole, you’ll find a suitable one among the diverse sizes that Ocean Kayak offers. The quality is excellent, and there’s no way water will be able to make it in.

9. Shoreline Marine

Shoreline Marine Kayak Scupper Plugs

Shoreline Marine kayak scupper plugs are mostly used with larger kayak holes, and mainly with sit-on kayaks as the plugs' designs and dimensions fit them best.

The kayak scupper plugs come in a tiered-like shape, making them adhere well to the hole, preventing any water from coming in. They have a rope attached to the end for easier usage and plugging. Shoreline Marine scupper plugs are sold in a pack of 4 in one color only, neon green.


  • Firm material
  • Effective design


  • Too big for small holes
  • Comes in one color

Bottom Line

Shoreline Marine scupper plugs are great for you if you can’t find a plug that’s not too small for your too big kayak hole.

How to Use Kayak Scupper Plugs

Using scupper plugs isn’t as hard as you think. You don’t have to worry about losing balance or flipping over if you position yourself right from the beginning.

Simply, make sure to put down your paddle and move slowly until you reach the scupper plug. Cautiously insert or remove the plug and return back to your seat. That went well, didn’t it?

How to Pick the Perfect Kayak Scupper Plugs

Trying to find the right kayak scupper plugs isn’t as easy as it sounds. It requires a lot of research to make sure you’re not pouring your money into the drain. Well, the only thing that should go down the drain is water from your kayak! Make sure to take these tips into account before buying a kayak scupper plug.


This is the most essential step before buying kayak scupper plugs. It’s important to know the dimensions of your kayak hole precisely before you set off with your search for new plugs.

Scupper plugs come in different sizes, fitting all kinds of holes. So, make sure those you choose are compatible with your kayak hole size not to waste any money.


Since we’re talking about constant contact with water here, choosing a scupper plug of a perfect material is a must. The kayak scupper plug should maintain its quality for long periods without being torn or worn out.

Also, bear in mind that any flaws in your scupper plugs will lead to leakage of water into your kayak. If that happens, you’d immediately need to buy new ones, paying more money. Therefore, think smart and pick the right ones from the beginning.

Ease of Usage

Remember that while kayaking, you have to keep your position uncompromised not to flip over.

Imagine if the kayak scupper plug doesn’t allow an easy and manageable tip to remove or insert it? That’s why you have to make sure that the plug comes in handy, offering you a chance to use it while kayaking freely. In that case, a kayak scupper plug with a tip or a cord is perfect.


Where do you kayak? It all starts with a question as simple as that. In your kayaking area, the weather can get very cold or hot, making the water temperature a significant contributor to your scupper plugs' efficiency. Check the material and its reaction to the temperature level before buying new kayak scupper plugs.

Testing Kayak Scupper Plugs Beforehand

It’s important to note that testing your scupper plug before entering the water with your kayak is a step you shouldn’t forget about.


Insert your scupper plug onshore before starting your kayaking journey. Then, fill your kayak with some water and check if the scupper plug is leaking any drops. That way, you make sure that the scupper plug is of high quality and fits your kayak hole.

Right Fit

By inserting your kayak scupper plugin before setting off, you have a chance of knowing if they actually fit your kayak. There's a chance that it's too big or small for you. You definitely don't want to find that out in the middle of the water.


You need to get acquainted with your kayak scupper plug before you start paddling. Accordingly, inserting the plug piece in and out lets you know how strong it is and if pulling it out is a hard task.

When in the middle of kayaking, you can’t just find out that the scupper plug has a firm grip that you can’t deal with. So, testing it out keeps you away from any surprises.

Final Thoughts

Listing down all those previous types, you’re probably confused on which kayak scupper plugs to opt for, especially that most, if not all of them, seem to be remarkable ones. We still have your back until the very last minute, so we’re ending with our recommendations.

For the best all-around pick, that would be the Amarine Made scupper plugs – made of durable material and coming in different sizes and colors.

Then, we’d recommend Ocean Kayak’s scupper plugs if your kayak hole is a round one. They suit various sizes and will save your time trying to figure out which brand you should buy and whether the plugs will fit or not. Also, they’re made of incredibly sturdy material, and you’ll manage to find the ones that fit your kayak hole among the brand’s wide selection.

Another pick you can’t miss is the scupper plugs offered by Gimiton Marine. With their hard material and great design, they do the job of keeping all the water out perfectly. They’re sold in different package sizes at an affordable price, covering all your kayak holes at one purchase.

Finally Seattle Sports scupper plugs are amazingly genius for eliminating any risks while paddling at night. It’s not only that they’ll make finding them an easier task, but also they can be your torch at night, brightening up your way.