Top 4 Best Modular Kayaks | Kayak Horizons

Top 4 Best Modular Kayaks | Kayak Horizons
Point 65 Sweden Apollo Tandem

Kayakers like to have the upper hand when it comes to their kayak handling, and that’s precisely what modular kayaks have to offer. They allow their holders to build them up and adjust them according to their needs, making them the most convenient for different anglers. For instance, you can break down the kayak to fit one person or build it up to fit four.

Also, the simple techniques used to build it up or break it down come in pretty handy if you’re a kayaker who seeks a portable kayak and moves around a lot.

Those are just the tip of the surface when it comes to the diverse offerings of modular kayaks. Keep reading our modular kayak review to get into more details and know what they’ve been gaining so much propaganda.

The 4 Best Modular Kayaks Reviewed

1.  Point 65 N Tequila! GTX Solo - Best Overall

Point 65 N Tequila! GTX Solo 

Best Overall

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Point 65 N Tequila is made of a light and durable fabric that withstands sunlight and harsh saltwater. What else could a kayaker look for beyond a lifetime, long-lasting kayak?

One of the essential features in a Tequila is that it has a sit-on-top seat that allows both beginners and pros to smoothly get into and out of the kayak. What’s more, its comfort is astonishing. It has padded air-seats with adjustable back-rest that won't give you a sore back or neck by the end of the day.

On the other hand, the storage capacity isn't satisfying for most anglers who like going on long trips, as the storage capacity could barely last for single-day journeys. That's why recreational kayakers are the ones who love Tequila!

The Tequila is a solo kayak, but if you'd like to bring someone, you can snap a mid-section to allow your friend on board. Also, it would help if you kept in mind that you can only have one extra seat.


  • Lightweight
  • High durability
  • Best for recreational kayaking
  • Comfy seat
  • Sit-on-top kayak


  • Not the best for long fishing trips
  • Unreliable pump bulb
  • Low storage capacity

Bottom Line

If you like going on singular-day, recreational kayaking trips, this Tequila kayak is the one for you. It will give you just-right stability to get through wind and harsh waters.

2. Point 65 N Martini GTX Tandem -  Runner Up

Point 65 N Martini GTX Tandem

Runner Up

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If you’re looking to buy a modular kayak or add a mid-section to make a tandem kayak, then the 65 N Martini GTX should be on the top of your list.

It’s a sit-in kayak that offers you a lot of great options, one of which is the massive storage area, as the kayak has about 530 lbs to store as much gear and equipment as one might need.

Also, the cockpit is very comfortable, and beginners won’t find any trouble getting in and out of the kayak. Moreover, since newbies usually bring along friends or family to keep them safe, the large capacity will allow them to do so. Another key feature that might entice beginners is the ease of use and slow speed of the kayak.

On the other hand, professionals who love recreational kayaking might think of the slow speed as a demerit, as they need a V-shaped hull kayak to give their trips a bit of excitement.

When it comes to comfort, the Martini doesn’t fail. It features cozy, ergonomic seats that allow kayakers to go on long trips.

However, the Martini is made of plastic that isn’t sun-friendly, unlike Point 65 N Tequila. Additionally, it’s more prone to scratches, so you may need to repair your vessel now and then.

Many kayakers didn’t like that they pay this tremendous amount of money without receiving paddles with the package, so you may need to make another order to complete your kayaking set.


  • Maneuverability
  • Lightweight
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Ergonomic air seats


  • Not sun-friendly
  • Less durable
  • Not suitable for speedy, professional kayakers
  • Doesn’t come with paddles

Bottom Line

If you’re a beginner who loves fishing and loves having company on your trips, the Martini’s vast storage capacity will offer you what you need.

3. Point 65 Sweden Apollo Tandem - Most Durable

Point 65 Sweden Apollo Tandem

Point 65 Sweden Apollo shines when it comes to durability, as the base material used to build it is a high-performance thermoplastic which is ultraviolet and saltwater-resistant.

The kayak has a comfortable sit-on-top seat that’s also made of a thermoplastic material that can endure shocks and heat. The cockpit is roomy so that you can lay your legs down comfortably.

The sit-on-top option encourages beginners to go for the Apollo 65 Sweden. It enables newbies to get into and out of the kayak quickly, also contributing to the kayak’s stability.

Like its previous counterparts, you can put up and break down a tandem according to your liking. Also, the storage offered by the kayak is acceptable, so going on fishing and recreational trips is a valid option.

You can add as many mid-sections as needed if you like taking the entire squad on your trips; however, most kayakers may snap the pieces together to increase their storage capacity.


  • Ultraviolet-resistant
  • Extremely high durability
  • Used for recreational and fishing trips
  • Rapidly built-up and broken-down


  • Not watertight

Bottom Line

Point 65 Sweden Apollo is a multifunctional kayak that could be used for recreational and fishing trips because of its durable thermoplastic manufacture.

4. Snap Kayaks Scout Solo - Highest Maneuverability

Snap Kayaks Scout Solo

The Scout Solo is a kayak that must be included in all modular kayak reviews due to its ease of use and directing, which is always an encouragement for beginners to try out modular kayaks.

The kayak comes as a two-piece package that you could easily connect in less than a second. Also, you can carry the vessel around because of its lightness.

The lightness of the Scout Solo didn’t prevent manufacturers from building a hardcore, rigid vessel, withstanding multiple shocks and scratches.

Among all the previously mentioned kayaks, this one is the widest, allowing for a spacious, comfortable cockpit.

The sit-in seat allows for more storage space and decreases the amount of water that might enter the kayak, which could compensate for the weak drainage system accompanied by the Snap Scout.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about your storage getting wet because both storage areas are made of waterproof fabric.


  • Best maneuverability
  • Comfortable seat with a back-rest
  • Budget-friendly
  • Waterproof storage areas


  • Poor drainage system

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly modular kayak to get you through calm waters, you’ve reached your destination.

How To Choose A Modular Kayak?

Modular kayaks are known for being pricey; however, they offer their holders a lot of essential benefits for different kayaking purposes.

Fishing kayakers can opt for modular fishing yaks that will enhance their fishing trips. However, if you’re more into recreational kayaking, you’ll find your pick within a handy list of recreational modular kayaks.


Since most kayaking trips take place in daylight, the material of the chosen kayak should be sunlight-resistant. Your kayak should withstand the corrosive effects of saltwater if you’re kayaking in oceans and seas.

Plastic modular kayaks are the most portable kayaks owing to the plastic’s lightness. Moreover, a plastic kayak can endure the corrosive effects of saltwater, but not the melting effects of ultraviolet sun rays.

And to overcome the lack of sunlight durability of plastic modular kayaks, manufacturers turned to thermoformed ABS, which can clearly encounter the harsh effects of both; saltwater and ultraviolet rays.


Adjusting your kayak's dimensions according to your needs is an essential factor that could make or break your trip. Additionally, it would help if you considered your level of proficiency when picking the kayak's dimensions.

As the stability increases when the kayak gets wider, a beginner should go for a wide one. However, if you're a pro, you can go for a narrow, not-so-long modular kayak to maintain your balance and speed.


You’ve to pay attention to the kayak’s capacity to make sure that you don’t exceed the allowed capacity, saving you and your gear from possible drowning.

The kayak’s capacity includes kayakers and their gear. Generally, modular kayaks have less capacity than regular kayaks, yet the capacity is good enough to go through a whole trip.


The type of hull you choose depends on your kayaking purpose in the first place.

If you want acceptable stability and maneuverability while speed-kayaking, then rounded-hull kayaks will save your day.

However, if you’re looking for speed and recreational kayaking only, v-shaped-hull kayaks could be the one for you.

Pontoons offer the best stability and maneuverability, which for some people, compensates for the pontoons’ low speed.

Seating Position

Sit-on-top kayaks are perfect for beginners who find any trouble in getting into sit-in kayaks. Also, beginners can effortlessly maneuver the kayak if they get a little training.

On the other hand, the probability of getting water into this kayak is high. So make sure to have a quality bailing system to bail out excess water.

Sit-in kayaks best suit professional kayakers, as these types of kayaks, are hard to get into and maneuver, so a lot of experience is needed to have full control over the yak.

These kayaks are known for having larger storage capacity than the sit-on-top ones, which is very useful for professional anglers.

Final Verdict

It's essential to read modular kayak reviews before buying one, and based on what we've previously mentioned; we concluded the following tips and recommendations.

Pick your go-to modular kayak according to your proficiency level and the company you would like to bring along.

If you’re a family person who likes taking his children on his trips, you should go for the stable Martini Tandem, which gives you enough storage for your kids and gear.

However, if you like going on short, solo trips from time to time, try the Tequila N 65 as it will offer you a significant speed suitable for recreational trips.