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Vibe Sea Ghost 110 | Kayak Horizons
Vibe Sea Ghost 110

Spending nearly $1000 isn't an easy decision for anyone, but if we're talking about the Sea Ghost 110, it is much easier.

This kayak's stability and storage capacity are outstanding, making it one of the best fishing kayaks. Many anglers love taking the Sea Ghost 110 on their long fishing trips because of its coziness and durability.

What we just mentioned is a drop in the ocean of how great the Sea Ghost 110 is. If you'd like to know more about it, keep reading this article.

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Main Specs:

The Vibe Sea Ghost 110

Length 11 foot

Width33 in.

Kayak’s Weight62 lbs.

Weight’s Capacity426 lbs.

Passenger Capacity1 person

MaterialHigh-density polyethylene

Number of Rod Holders2 molded rod holders

Sea Ghost 110 In-Depth Review

Vibe Sea Ghost 110


Choosing a kayak at such a low price could make you give up a lot of essential features. Fortunately, you won't have to give up much if you opt for the Sea Ghost 110.

The kayak's 33-inch width contributes to its remarkable stability, as the general rule about any kayak's stability is the wider the kayak, the more stable it is.

The stability offered by this yak is mind-blowing. Reviewers and anglers were surprised by how stable the kayak was when they went fishing on windy or calm days.

Also, whenever anglers want to capture a trophy, the kayak's stability enables them to stand up and have complete leverage over their casting and retrieving techniques.

Storage Capacity

Another essential feature that should be present in a kayak is sufficient storage capacity. Theoretically, Sea Ghost 110 has a 425 lbs weight capacity, so you can fit whatever gear you want into this kayak.

However, you need to make sure that you distribute the gear and fishing tools equally throughout the kayak, to avoid losing the kayak’s fantastic stability.

Another advantage is that the Sea Ghost’s storage capacity is enough to handle 2-day fishing trips. Also, there is a large storage room in the kayak’s middle that you can use to place all the heavy gear.

The kayak has a couple of secured hatches at its ends: a 6-inch and a 12-inch. You can put non-waterproof objects in those hatches, as those hatches are well-secured from water.

Overall, the kayak’s storage capacity is good enough to handle extended fishing trips. All you need to do is balance your gear’s distribution.


The heavy-duty polyethylene used to build the vibe kayaks contributed to their durability and sturdiness.

The kayak may not have a self-bailing mechanism; however, the kayak’s structure has 10 scupper holes that allow for the drainage of excess water.


Since you may go on long fishing trips, this means that the kayak’s seating must be very comfortable.

Vibe kayaks are famous for their breathable, mesh HERO seats that dry off quickly. Plus, the position can be adjusted to a couple of different heights, allowing you to choose whatever height you find most comfortable.

If you need to rest for a bit of time, you can adjust the seat’s inclination to have a small nap without hurting your back and neck. The padded seats will help you have a comfy one.


Being that the Sea Ghost 110 is 11-foot long, you may expect it to be extremely heavy. On the contrary, the kayak is only 62 lbs, which could be easily carried around with the aid of your car.

The kayak has a pre-installed rudder system, allowing anglers to rapidly move the kayak during changeable weather conditions. The system enables them to steer the kayak while paddling from a side to another.

Proficiency Level

As the Sea Ghost is easily maneuvered, it wouldn’t be a problem for beginners to start their journey with this kayak. However, when the weather is windy, they may need to think twice before going into the water. You’re still a beginner, after all.

As for professionals, they’ll love their paddling and fishing journeys with the Sea Ghost 110, as they can mount extra gear and fish finders on the kayak. Plus, catching trophies wouldn’t be impossible because of the kayak’s stability.

Final Thoughts

Sea Ghost 110 comes with a cup holder next to the kayaker’s seat. Some may look at this aspect as a non-essential luxury, but Vibe manufacturers are looking to achieve maximum comfort for their users.

They pay attention to the smallest details that might make the customers’ longer trips a bit more comfortable.

Some people may say that nothing is perfect, as they noticed some loose screwers when they first bought their Sea Ghost. Fortunately, this problem was easily compensated for when kayakers sought help from the manufacturers.